Global Youth Against the Ivory Trade School Clubs Program

JulietteSpeaks helps youth around the world to develop leadership skills and work together to protect elephants and stop the ivory trade.
Dear Friend of Elephants -

I have been an elephant advocate ever since I starred in the movie How I Became An Elephant at the age of 14 and learned about the plight of elephants worldwide. Since then, I have vowed to spread awareness by telling anyone who will listen.

I am happy to say that over the past four years, I have been able to reach more 500,000 people through public speaking at schools, film festivals, conferences, and through interviews in print and on the radio. It has been quite a journey! What it has taught me is that kids CAN make a difference!

Kids Want to Help Elephants

Whenever I speak at schools, kids always ask, "What can we do to help?"  Finally, I have a good answer:  "Start a school club!"  The Global Youth Against the Ivory Trade school club program is the first program of my newly incorporated nonprofit, JulietteSpeaks.

The school club program gives kids a structured way to collaborate with others and plan for how to make a tangible impact. Youth in demand countries like China and Philippines can raise awareness among ivory buyers, and youth in supply countries like Tanzania and Kenya can raise awareness about the need to protect elephants from poachers.
First School Club (in Tanzania) is a Big Success!

In 2013, JulietteSpeaks launched its school club program with one charter member: The Sega Girls School in Tanzania. This school club has been a huge success!  With 165 girls in the whole school, 46 of them joined the “anti-ivory” school club. That’s about 25% of the whole school!

They elected officers, meet every week, have learned all about the supply and demand of the ivory trade, wrote letters to the President of Tanzania and the Prime Minister of Thailand, and produced a short video depicting elephants and poachers.

The Sega girls have also taken two educational field trips: one to speak with rangers at the Mikumi National Park, and another to speak with villagers near the Jukumu Wildlife Management Area, where the villagers are tasked by the national government with protecting elephants against poachers. Next, they plan to write up a report on their findings and get help from the media to spread awareness.

Money Well Spent to Develop Youth Leadership

JulietteSpeaks granted $2,700 to the Sega Girls School to undertake all of these activities. I feel it was money very well spent!  Not only have the girls learned about the importance of elephants in Tanzania but they have already started to develop leadership skills by querying rangers about the success of their protection efforts, and teaching villagers about elephants within the larger ecosystem. I am thrilled that every month the girls are progressing in their thinking and plans for how to make a tangible impact.
Plans to Expand To More School Clubs in 2014

Now that JulietteSpeaks has one big success under its belt, I feel it’s time to start advertising the school club program and providing structure and support for more schools to join the Global Youth Against the Ivory Trade program.  My friends and partners at other elephant-related nonprofits have already offered to start referring schools to the program.

Seeking to Raise $25,000

JulietteSpeaks is seeking to raise $25,000 to grow the school club program. Because the schools will be in countries around the world and in different time zones, and because I am still a full-time student, I want to provide lots of educational and promotional material online that kids can use for their activities. I will also invite the schools to join the School Club Forum that has already been built on the website so that they can learn not only from me but from each other. 

Your donations will pay for school club online materials, promotion of the clubs, and mini-start up grants to school clubs that are not in a position to fundraise for themselves (e.g., in poor rural areas). As the school clubs progress, my vision is to grow the youth leadership aspects of the program more and more.

Of course, personally encouraging and guiding the school clubs along is probably the most important success factor of all. I will be assisted in this by volunteers, and if I can raise the funds, a part-time staff person who can ensure that the clubs are getting the information and support they need.
Will You Please Help The School Clubs Expand in the U.S., Africa and Asia? There are kids who would LOVE to become leaders for animal protection and they just need a vehicle and support for doing it….
I invite you to please give $100 if you can! Or substantially more, if your heart is guiding you to!  But, truly, any amount at all is greatly appreciated…
For the youth leaders and elephants,
and with warmest holiday wishes,
Juliette West, age 18
Founder, JulietteSpeaks

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